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Masterpiece in Minutes
Classes- Learn to Paint

Award Winning artist Martina Hahn can make any event a success.  Your guest's will watch and partake in a performance that they won't soon forget.  

Martina Hahn blends Art with Inspiration.  

In a matter of minutes, you will see a masterpiece unfold before your eyes.  Martina will capture your guests imagination with her art, and will then attempt to open the hearts of your audience with a powerful motivational message, customized to each venue.

Schools   Universities   Corporate   Charities  
Fund Raisers   Keynote Speaker

Speed painting at a Black-Tie or similar fund raising event accomplishes two things.

Incredible Entertainment Value

and through auction, can help the cause of any event

A 5'x 5' canvas is painted to music while it rotates on a spinning easel and is completed within 6-7 minutes right in front of your patrons.  The painted image and music are always customized to your event and audience.  This has a powerful emotional impact on your guests. as most people have never experienced a speed painting live.  The image appears in front of their eyes in minutes, with the music hinting at the final result.  

The painting is then auctioned off to the highest bidder.  

In 2014, Martina contributed more than $50,000 to charitable organizations through speed painting.

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