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Speed Painting


A Speed Painting Assembly/Program consists of a 3-tiered approach, utilizing art, literature and music to tell a 
story, learning about its author and circumstances and creating a memory of it by adding audio and visual aspects, 
watching an image of the story come to life in a matter of 5 to 6 minutes. This type of program is not only limited 
to a pre-existing story or book, but it can also be themed around a current issue or popular topic (such as bullying, 
self-esteem, caring, leadership, Biblical stories ...).
Virtually any book or topic can be presented in a speed painting assembly.

All programs are for educational purposes only. They are fun, unconventional and interactive. The programs 
explain origins, historic value and fun facts in a different way, allowing children to learn without lecture, and with 
the help of visual and audio senses in combination. A final speed painting (a full 5’x 5’ canvas mounted on a 
rotating easel) is created at the end of each program, which makes the given information more retain-able, and –
a very cool experience!

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Examples of Elementary Programs


The story of how Max ran away from home after he got in trouble with his mother for being too wild.  He soon figures out the life in the place Where the WIld Things are is not what he imagined it to be and longs to be back home with his mother.

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendac

The Lorax, the keeper of nature, is slowly pushed away by the Once-ler, a greedy businessman with no regard for the environment, or for the animals living in it.  The Once-ler learns a message the hard way and brings a powerful message to us about being mindful of our environment.

The Lorax, by Dr Suess

Living up to perceived standards is a hard thing to do.  We are all bombarded from every direction, to be something we may not be.  This program showcases some well-known people and the ordinary and sometimes difficult challenges they went through, just like all of us.  

Dare to be You

Living in the great State of Michigan, do you know where the name Mackinaw came from?  Or do you know that the water of all the 5 great lakes could cover the entire continental United States in more than 9 feet of water?  There is so much more I would like to tell you.

Fun Facts about the Great Lakes
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